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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy Book 1)

James and Lance Morcan


Lance and James Morcan are a writing team who have co-authored numerous novels and non-fiction books. Lance is a former journalist with experience in all media. Married, he resides in Papamoa, New Zealand. James is also an actor and has acting credits in film, television and stage. He resides in Sydney, Australia. Book One: THE NINTH ORPHAN

Meet Number Nine - an orphan, a spy, a lover...a master of disguise, an assassin, a shapeshifter...a freedom fighter, a human chameleon, a reformed contract killer.
He's all of the above. He's none of the above.

Nine is enslaved by the Omega Agency, a shadowy organization seeking to create a New World Order. When he tries to break free and live a normal life, Nine is hunted by his mentor and father figure, and by a female orphan he spent his childhood with. On the run, his life becomes entwined with his beautiful French-African hostage and a shocking past is revealed...A past that involves the mysterious Pedemont Orphanage in Chicago, Illinois.

Standing in the way of Nine's freedom are his fellow orphans - all elite operatives like himself - who are under orders to terminate him. Nine finds himself in a seemingly infinite maze of cloak and dagger deception. Time and again, he must call on all his advanced training to survive.

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