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The Last Detective


Dangerous Davies
Series 2: Episode 2
The Long Bank Holiday (2004)

Detective Constable "Dangerous" Davies is the main protagonist of The Last Detective. From the very first episode we see that he is seen more as a joke to everyone but throughout the course of the series he is slowly more respected by his colleagues and friends.

Davies has to juggle a possible suicide, a murderer who has absconded from prison, the discovery of human remains in a local garden and a spate of computer thefts

Alfie Clemens and his brother grew up in care. When his wife was killed, he was falsely accused for the murder of Carol Clemens in 1974 and spent over 30 years in prison. His son was taken into care.

Dennis Moorcroft was a dentist and husband to Marjorie Balsamin in 1974. After being accused of murder by Alfie Clemens he was given an alibi by Marjorie and their neighbour. Not long after Alfie was arrested, Dennis and Marjorie split up. Dennis would later commit suicide. The neighbour being questioned by DC Davies, describes them as ‘Nice, decent couple broken up by, well…nothing people like that.’ – referring to Alfie who grew up in care!

Spoiler alert!

Having believed that Dennis Moorcroft was the real killer, Alfie went to his house and took him down to a set of train tracks to murder him. However, Alfie couldn’t do it. Dennis ran in front of a train and before he was struck down, told Alfie that he was not the murderer.

Carole Clemens was the wife of Alfie Clemens, she was murdered by Marjorie Balsam in 1974 after she found out that her husband Dennis had slept with her.

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