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Terri Broughton

Broughton had an inauspicious start in life following the death of both of her parents, but she went on to become the Head of a secondary School at an academy in Norfolk, a highly qualified life coach, a successful educational consultant, and now a highly sought-after artist.
Broughton’s paintings are deeply personal, reflecting a traumatic childhood following the death of both parents when she was just seven years old. Terri and her sisters were separated, placed with a succession of foster families, some with wholly unkind treatments, and were only reunited together again in adulthood.
She was awarded a Tate Modern prize for her Masters Degree ‘The Identity Project ‘, in which she pioneered the questioning and challenging of first year A Level Art students in Britain about their limiting self-beliefs and values which were inhibiting their creative potential. It was a project that turned art education on its head and has since been incorporated into the National Curriculum for all year groups.
During the 18 months that we have all been locked down, Broughton has been working tirelessly in the creation of an extensive body of work which, while often narrative, explores the psychological behaviours of people.

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