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Sigrid Thornton

Sigrid Thornton (b. 1959), was in foster care for 9 months as a child. When Sigrid was 7, she left with her parents for England so they could do their doctoral degrees. Towards the end of their time in England, Sigrid's parents sent her to stay with family friends in New Zealand. For Sigrid this was a happy adventure, but she later reflected on the pain of separation from her parents. Thornton went on to have a highly successful acting career, making her film debut in 1977 at the age of 18.Over four decades Sigrid Thornton has held a unique position in the Australian film, television and theatre landscape over multiple genres and platforms on and off screen. She has starred in many films now regarded as classics of the Australian cinema including early box office hit The Man from Snowy River. Her early work brought her to the attention of HBO, leading to her starring role in the mini series All the Rivers Run which became a huge popular success globally and earned her her first best actress Logie award. Sigrid became the first Australian actress to be offered a lead role in a US network prime time drama series - Paradise for CBS, receiving a Western Heritage Cowboy Hall of Fame award in 1999.

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