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Paolo Hewitt


Paolo Hewitt was born in Redhill, Surry 11 July 1958, a British writer and music journalist.

Paolo Hewitt spent eighteen years in care. He is author of over 20 books including Steve Marriot: All Too Beautiful, The Looked After Kid, The Jam: A Beat Concerto, But We All Shine On.

Hewitt’s mother was from Italy and came to the UK in 1947. She had married a British soldier by the name of Hewitt and had 2 children. In 1952 she had a breakdown and was put into a mental institution. She had an affair and Hewitt was born in 1958. At 2 days old Hewitt was placed in care. He was fostered by an abusive foster carer from 4-10 years old. He was then place in a reception centre and then to Burbank children’s home in Woking, Surrey until 1976.
“Then I decided I wanted to become a writer, but there were bylaws against people becoming writers in Woking so I had to move to London to achieve my aim.”

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