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Keith Saha

Keith is Co-Artistic Director of 20 Stories High Theatre Company based in Liverpool. His role within the organisation is as a writer and a director. His plays are for young adult audiences and are often researched with young people on the fringes of society who have important stories to tell.

LOOKED AFTER – Keith’s debut screenplay, a drama series about teenagers in today’s care system, is under option to Twelve Town Productions and Sky. After a period of development the 60’ series was adapted into a 10’ short form drama and a non-broadcast pilot was produced. Originally one of Sky’s diverse table reads and a runner-up on the TriForce DramaWriterSlam.

BABUL AND THE BLUE BEAR is a story about Benny a young grime artist -his life in and out the care system, looking after his alcoholic mum and being reunited with his Dad - a black comedian who tells self-deprecating racist jokes.

His writing is largely informed by his upbringing, and the time he spent in care as a child, fused with the work he creates with and for young people in Liverpool and nationally in similar situations.

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