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Joy Williams (poet)

Joy Williams

Joy Williams (1942 - 2006) was an Aboriginal Australian author of poetry. A Wiradjuri woman, Joy Williams was born Eileen Williams to Doretta Williams. She was removed from her Aboriginal family at the Erambie Mission at Cowra in New South Wales when she was a tiny baby and taken to Bomaderry Home near Nowra, around 335km south-east of Cowra.

At the age of six, Joy was transferred to Lutanda Children’s Home in Wentworth Falls, 228km north of Nowra. After the founder of Lutanda—Florence Dalwood—died in 1949, Lutanda (and Joy Williams) was relocated to an orphanage 90km east of Nowra to suburban Boundary Road, Pennant Hills. During the 1970s Joy Williams enrolled at Wollongong University to do a Bachelor of Arts where she became interested in Black Literature. She also become involved in the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody and in other Aboriginal community groups. Joy Williams’ poetry appears in over 65 publications.

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