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Good Witch (Season 1-7)


Good Witch is an American and Canadian fantasy comedy-drama television series. It stars Catherine Bell as Cassandra "Cassie" Nightingale whose parents died when she was a child and who grows up in the US foster care system. Cassie became accustomed to travelling and moving as she was passed through foster homes. She ran away and continued travelling the world and learning about many different cultures, all the while honing her special gifts.

Widowed Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale (Catherine Bell) is a good-hearted enchantress who lives in the quaint small-town community of Middleton. She lives with her young-teenage daughter Grace (Bailee Madison), who shares the same special intuition and gifts as her mother.

Their lives get even more interesting when curmudgeonly and divorced doctor Sam Radford (James Denton) and his troublesome son Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) move in next door to Grey House from New York. They are immediately spellbound by the mother-daughter duo next door, but Sam and Cassie quickly find they don’t see eye to eye.

Season 3 episode 7 It emerges that Carrie didn’t get to make her “family birthday wish”.. in the family book when she turns 16/18 because she was in foster care. A wonderful positive person, who brings such joy and guidance and love to so many. Season 4 episode 5 The father of Cassie's cousin, Abigail who was also in foster, turns up after walking out 22 years before. Season 5 episode 3 Cassie's foster brother comes for Cassie's wedding...he’s in charge of a billionaires fleet of ships. (They also speak about how foster kids move around a lot)

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