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Enola Holmes 2


Enola Homles 2 (2022) is another film based on The Enola Holmes Mysteries by American writer Nancy Springer.

In the 1st film, Enola Holmes ends up in the kinship care of Mycroft Holmes. In this one, she is a ward of Sherlock Holmes.

Enola has started up her own private detective agency, and is about to close it when she is asked by an orphaned girl, Bessie, to find Bessie's sister, Sarah Chapman. Bessie has been living with the older Sarah, but they are not biological sisters.

At the centre of the story is a match factory where girls and women are dying because of the phosphorus being used. A strike at the factory is a fictionalised version of an actual 1888 strike by women and girls working at the Bryant & May match factory in Bow, London.

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