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Fiction featuring Care Experience

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Died in the Wool

Ngaio Marsh


Died in the Wool is a detective novel by New Zealand writer Ngaio Marsh (1895-1949).

Died in the Wool was first published in 1945. It is the 13th of Ngaio Marsh’s novels to feature ‘gentleman detective’ Roderick Alleyn.

In Died in the Wool, Alleyn travels to New Zealand and investigates the death of politician Florence Rubrick.

Featured in the story is Ursula Harme, Florence Rubrick’s “ward”.

Florence Rubrick was godmother to Ursula and became her guardian on the death of Ursula’s mother. The young woman is loyal to her ‘aunt’ and is not the killer.

Died in the Wool is 1 of 4 of Marsh’s Alleyn novels adapted for NZ television in 1977

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