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Angel De Cora

Angel De Cora (1871–1919) artist of the Winnebago people, forcibly taken from her family as a child by US authorities as part of a programme to assimilate Native American girls into white society. De Cora later became a Native American rights advocate. Also known by her American Indian Hinook-Mahiwi-Kalinaka (Fleecy Cloud Floating in Place), was born at the Winnebago Agency in Dakota County (now Thurston), Nebraska. Angel was kidnapped at a young age from the agency and sent to a school at the Hampton Agricultural and Industrial School in Hampton, Virginia. She described how: "A strange white man appeared on the reservation and asked her, through an interpreter, if she would like to ride on a steam car; with six other children, she decided to try it, and when the ride was ended she found herself in Hampton. 'It was three years later that she returned to her mother who had wept and mourned for her.

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