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Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds

9 June 1975 – 14 May 2022

Andrew Symonds (9 June 1975 – 14 May 2022), also commonly known by the nickname "Roy", was an Australian international cricketer, who played all three formats as a batting all-rounder. He was an important member of two World Cup winning squads. Symonds played as a right-handed, middle order batsman and alternated between medium pace and off-spin bowling. He was also notable for his exceptional fielding skills.

He was born in Birmingham, England, in 1975 before moving to Australia as child. Symonds was adopted by English schoolteachers when he was a baby. Symonds was adopted by parents Ken and Barbara at 3 months and they moved to Australia when he was a toddler. He had three siblings. His sister, Louise Symonds, who was also adopted, was a contestant on the Australian Gladiators television series in 2008.
One of Symonds' birth parents was of African-Caribbean background and the other was believed to be of Scandinavian descent.

Andrew Symonds and his wife Laura remained close despite living apart before he died; they had two children Billy and Chloe.

After he left the game in 2009, Symonds pursued his love of the outdoors in the country's tropical north. His love for cricket was matched by his boyhood passions for pig hunting, fishing and camping trips.

He played himself in a Bollywood movie, starred on the Indian version of Big Brother, and commentated for Fox Sports in Australia.

Symonds died in a single-vehicle car crash about 50 km (31 mi) outside Townsville, Queensland, on 14 May 2022.

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